Here is a quick way to get short-term finance to fix cash flow problems

Make the most out of a simple, short term, flexible facility that provides immediate finance against one of the biggest assets your company has: your debtor book.

You can choose between either individual or multiple invoices to sell.

Use single invoice finance to get up to 85% of the value of your invoices in your bank account immediately.

Know that single invoice finance differs from factoring/invoice discounting in that:

  • You are not tied into a long-term agreement.
  • You are in control of your own collections.
  • Costs are lower. You will not be charged administration fees or exit fees.

Get instant access to short term working capital finance

Count on Single Invoice Finance Ltd to:

  • Set up a single invoice finance facility for you in less than 48 hours.
  • Provide you with finance against an invoice within 24 hours.
  • Either sell invoices with values above £10,000 or groups of invoices together.
  • Give you access to your single invoice finance facility as often as you require.

What every company ought to know about single invoice finance

Know that single invoice finance is available to:

  • Almost any company in any industry and service sector.
  • Limited companies and partnerships.
  • Established companies, start-ups and phoenix companies.

Fix your short-term cash flow problems… today

Join the list of companies that are using single invoice finance to:

  • Pay bills
    • Be confident that you will have funds available to pay that looming HMRC bill. Take the pressure off collections activities and take advantage of freed up management time to focus on profit making business activities.
  • Purchase materials
    • Get greater control over your supplier relationships and retain your pricing power so that you can benefit from the discounts available for making prompt payments.
  • Help win new orders
    • Know that your periods of growth can be supported by the working capital you require from a fast, flexible facility that supports your business growth

How you can start benefiting from single invoice finance

It couldn’t be easier to get instant access to cash flow. Simply apply here and we will put you in touch with an Account Executive who will finalise the setting up of your account.

Still have questions?

Find out how single invoice finance works in practice.

Still have questions?

Find out how single invoice finance works in practice.